Komen Politics: It’s Not Just About Abortion

On February 4, 2012, the New York Times printed a very interesting story detailing Komen’s reversal of the Planned Parenthood funding decision: http://nyti.ms/ylctJT Here’s the letter I sent to the Editor in response. I don’t know if the Times will print it, but everyone should read it.

Dear Editor,

As your excellent article points out, Komen’s reversal of position on Planned Parenthood funding does not resolve the issues raised by the brouhaha. Beyond this debate, there is more to the politics of breast cancer.

Your story notes that Komen’s founder, Nancy Brinker, is a devoted Republican. Her politics have driven Komen to oppose the Patients’ Bill of Rights, the Affordable Care Act, and government funding for treatment of poor women with breast cancer who are screened at government expense.

There is more to breast cancer than the abortion debate. Much more. Komen is involved in all of it.

Barbara A. Brenner
San Francisco


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  1. Fran says:

    Komen strong arms politicans and health care organizations to say “how high” when they say “jump.” It astonishes me that they received such high grades from charity credentialing organizations. More arm-twisting?

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