Pink Ribbons, Inc. is Coming to the US

The initial screenings have just been announced at

See it. Tell your friends to see it. You will never think about pink ribbons or breast cancer the same way again.

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6 Responses to Pink Ribbons, Inc. is Coming to the US

  1. BobO says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ellen Reath says:

    February 24 at Smith College — see you there!

  3. Thank you SO much for this documentary. It says what I’ve long believed; That the pink ribbon campaign has become a travesty of slick marketing and corporate greed.
    Bay Soap of Maryland stands firmly with Planned Parenthood.

  4. Julie says:

    Fantastic documentary. You were first rate.

  5. Lise Lalonde says:

    Barbara, the documentary is like a “heartquake”. I’m still shaking from it … You were amazing and inspiring. No awards or rewards can really convey the positive impact you have on me and I hope for thousands like me. Blessings. Lise

  6. bbzinger says:


    Thank you so much. If you spread the word about the film, it’s impact will be amazing.


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