Thanks for forwarding the piece on Barbara. One point I would like to 
make. Barbara never advocated for breast cancer ‘awareness’ as the 
headline suggests. Quite the contrary, she strongly believed and 
actively spoke against awareness, arguing instead that we had more than 
enough awareness and what is now needed is sweeping change in the way we 
confront the disease (one that puts patient needs before profits). 
Specifically, she believed, we need to work to stop cancer before it 
starts by eliminating the environmental toxins that increase risk of the 
disease in the first place, addressing the inequities that lead to the 
health disparities in women of colour and low income women, and offering 
more effective, cheaper, less toxic treatments for women living with the 
disease. If the opportunity arises to make this correction, I know 
Barbara would be pleased to see it made and it would more accurately 
reflect the advocacy work she dedicated a significant portion of her 
career and life to accomplishing.

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